Scary Posts You May Have Missed

Posted on October 27, 2011


I complied a list of past posts that might be relevant before Halloween and guarantee you’ll be the hit of every party.

In yesterday’s post some readers mentioned they weren’t familiar with Rebecca Black of ‘Friday’ fame, maybe because they were too busy wasting time reading books.  Read how the song Friday haunted me so you’ll recognize all the people at the party dressed as Rebecca Black:

How the Song Friday Won Me Over

In April I wrote a post about new holiday mascots that may help second-tier holidays reach the next level.  I never quite figured out a holiday mascot for Halloween and I’m open for suggestions:

New Holiday Mascots Who May Give the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus a Run for their Money

In yesterday’s post I suggested dressing as Princess Beatrice’s fascinator.  Read more about her fascinating fascinator here:

Princess Beatrice’s Fascinator

Did you read my thought-provoking suggestions on how to improve America’s economy by hiring workers in preparation for the apocalypse?  If you dress as any of the jobs from this post, please send me a picture to post here on the blog:

Now Hiring Post-apocalyptic Workforce–Apply Today!

Stalkers are genuinely scary and no laughing matter.  Or are they?

How to Out-stalk a Stalker

If anybody dresses as a zombie ant for Halloween, please send me a picture:

Zombie ants?  Aww, man, ants were the one insect my kids would eat!

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