Monstrous Captions

Posted on October 28, 2011


If you should feel any discomfort during the procedure, just send me a signal by breaking your constraints, smashing the room, and burning the nearby village.

This won’t hurt a bit…until I flip the switch to send 10,000 volts of electricity through your body.

Sorry, I know you requested a black chest restraint to match your outfit, but I could only find white on such short notice.

Before I unbuckle your chest strap, perhaps I should show you the bill.

If you can understand English, please answer by groaning, “MAAAAARRRRWW!”

And the bartender says, ‘Wait a minute, that rabbi’s a duck!’  Pretty funny, right?  Now that I’ve warmed you up with a joke, I have some bad news about you not being human and being composed of stolen body parts.

I just got off the phone with your healthcare provider and they’re claiming death is a preexisting condition.

I hope I’m not moving too fast; I usually don’t hold necks until the second date.

This is so embarrassing, but it appears I left the key to this cape in my other pants.  We might be wrapped up in here a while.

And where were you all afternoon?  Are these needle marks I see?  Did you donate blood again?  I guess you’re the type of girl who’ll give her blood to anyone, aren’t you?

Are you sure this is how a staring contest works?

Yes, you were right to come in.  This mole looks serious.  But I’m even more worried about the hand attached to the front of your neck.

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