Zombie Ants? Aww, man, ants were the one insect my kid would eat!

Posted on March 14, 2011


My wife Deidre was telling me about a fungus that could invade the brains of ants and turn them into ‘Zombie Ants.’

I didn’t get all the details because I heard the words ZOMBIE ANTS and my mind began to wander:

Illustration by Bruce Rosch

1. Bad news for my Aunt Zombie, who’s already been fighting stereotypes her whole life.

2. This explains why we never had an ant problem until we left brains out on the counter overnight.

3. Aww, man!  Ants were the one insect my kid would eat!

4. I guess this explains why ant farm sellers have discontinued all graveyard accessories.

5. “The ant zombies have us surrounded, general!  Our magnifying glasses are useless against them!”

“That’s cuz’ you’ve been aimin’ at the thorax, sergeant!  Train your magnifying glasses on the head, boys!”