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Chinglish Logo

November 27, 2011


I saw this sign at a little logo design shop near our home here in Shanghai.  Wouldn’t you expect a logo design company to have at least one good logo on its billboard? My wife took this picture at a convenience store on the street outside our house. We didn’t buy “slices the cake” so […]

Chinglish Continues to Fascinate

November 20, 2011


The company in charge of selling advertising space in the Shanghai metro has a name that seems to attract my eye even more than the actual advertisement. It’s hard to appreciate the value of any product brought to you by “STD.” One of my favorite places in Shanghai is my local imported grocery store and […]

Chinglish Fluctuation

November 13, 2011


My friend Andrew took this picture at a local museum as he was about to take the stairs: Back in my day, we were content with traditional stairs and nobody would have even considered the idea of messing with a design that’s been working for thousands of years.  Now kids today demand fancy fluctuation stairs […]

Chinglish Sweat

November 6, 2011


When I finish my workouts, there’s only one drink that can quench my thirst: When you’re feeling hot and sweaty, doesn’t it make sense to replace all that sweat by drinking Pocari Sweat? As I get older, I find myself increasingly out of touch with the hip new lingo kids are using like on the […]

Chinglish Guts

October 30, 2011


Here’s a new candy bar I just found here in Shanghai, although the packaging on the back is in Korean: Seems like ‘Guts’ would be the perfect candy bar to give out at Halloween. If you’re considering going as Kate Winslet for Halloween, you might be interested in this ‘Magical Plumping Breast Mask’ she appears […]

Chinglish Medicine Cabinet

October 23, 2011


Whenever a doctor prescribes medicine for an embarrassing condition, I’m usually not worried about leaving it in the medicine cabinet because nobody will understand miconazole nitrate is a treatment for foot fungus, except maybe my friend Andrew, who is the type to look things up on Wikipedia and also the type to look through a […]

Chinglish Oktoberfest

October 16, 2011


If you don’t have any plans next week and you’re going to be in Shanghai, perhaps you’d be interested in attending an Oktoberfest celebration.  I received the advertisement below from a local restaurant, and I’m excited to attend the celebration, but my one concern is that I’ve lived in Germany and attended Oktoberfest many times […]

Eye on Chinglish

October 9, 2011


This picture comes from the back of an eyelash thickener: Maybe I just never paid attention to eyelash thickener products when I was in America, but is there really an American eyelash limit?  If so, it seems the government should have better things to do than set limits on the freedom of our eyelashes. This […]

Chinglish Smart Size

October 2, 2011


I took both pictures of these contraceptives at a shop on my street here in Shanghai: Come on, guys, no matter how confident you are, do you really want to use a condom with the name brand ‘retard’? It’s a tough choice if I have to decide between the ‘large size’ and the ‘smart size’.  […]

Chinglish Cheers

September 25, 2011


You may not find this sign very funny at first glance: “CHEER! CHEESE Cheese Cake Factory” But does the sign become funnier when you learn this store sells neither cheese nor cheesecake?  My wife loves cheesecake and we both love cheese, so you can imagine our excitement when this store first opened near our house, […]

Chinglish Sponge Crunch

September 18, 2011


This picture comes from the convenience store outside our housing complex: “This is the most comfortable notebook you have ever run into. You will feel like writing with it all the time.” Seems like a lofty promise for a notebook to make, but I’m willing to give it a try.  I’m constantly looking for ways […]

Chinglish Explosion

September 11, 2011


Optimist Prime took this picture while waiting in the airport security line: I’m not sure how security checks to make sure an item is explosion proof.  Seems like they’d have to try and blow the item up in order to determine its unexplodability.  My son didn’t make clear to me if security was only exploding […]