Chinglish Fluctuation

Posted on November 13, 2011


My friend Andrew took this picture at a local museum as he was about to take the stairs:

Back in my day, we were content with traditional stairs and nobody would have even considered the idea of messing with a design that’s been working for thousands of years.  Now kids today demand fancy fluctuation stairs or nothing.  They figure if there’s anything worth seeing on the second floor, there would be fluctuation stairs to help them get there.

Hey ladies, if you’re serious about beauty, let me give you a tip on the new product everyone in Hollywood will be using before long:

Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s Snake Gall Corn Body Powder!


Check out the caption contest finalists and make sure to rearrange your schedule to allow voting once every day during the coming week.


What’s that?  Feeling a little blue as the weather’s turned colder?  Try this clip of singer/songwriter/actress/potential love interest Zooey singing In The Sun on Letterman:

If you’re still feeling down after a dose of Zooey, maybe you should see a doctor.  Seriously.

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