Chinglish Oktoberfest

Posted on October 16, 2011


If you don’t have any plans next week and you’re going to be in Shanghai, perhaps you’d be interested in attending an Oktoberfest celebration.  I received the advertisement below from a local restaurant, and I’m excited to attend the celebration, but my one concern is that I’ve lived in Germany and attended Oktoberfest many times before, and I’m not sure I recognize any of the traditional food on the menu.

I guess I am familiar with ‘broccoli’ and sausage, but I can’t say I’ve tried:

-limbaugh bowel

-cheese bowel

-fried figure German spicy dish bowel

-roast pig neck meat with parsley juice

-acid purple cabbage

If you’re excited to try all of these dishes, and you consider yourself a bit of a party animal, make sure and choose the buffet because ‘Saint Villa club recommend the ticket of buffet package makes all party animals enjoy the luxurious pleasure!’

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