Chinglish Explosion

Posted on September 11, 2011


Optimist Prime took this picture while waiting in the airport security line:

I’m not sure how security checks to make sure an item is explosion proof.  Seems like they’d have to try and blow the item up in order to determine its unexplodability.  My son didn’t make clear to me if security was only exploding luggage or also exploding people.

I took this picture in an airport:

I’ve never agreed with the philosophy of calling all children special, and I certainly disagree with designating children as ‘special’ just for being un-accompanied.  It seems merely lacking a companion sets the ‘special’ benchmark pretty low.  As a matter of fact, doesn’t a child completely lacking in companions seem more likely to be the opposite of special?  Seems like a truly special child should have constant offers of accompaniment.


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