Eye on Chinglish

Posted on October 9, 2011


This picture comes from the back of an eyelash thickener:

'breaks through the American eyelash limit.'

Maybe I just never paid attention to eyelash thickener products when I was in America, but is there really an American eyelash limit?  If so, it seems the government should have better things to do than set limits on the freedom of our eyelashes.

This photo comes from the back of an eyeliner, although I can’t be one hundred percent sure based of the product’s use based on the confusing and somewhat mystical description:

Also may indifferent, the cruel feeling, But also may seductive, Mystical the character and style full.  The rich color effect, Lets the binocular peripheral time maintenance charm, The liquid informer effect is lasting, The carefull baby makes you draw when to changein grasping, The enhancement and a beautiful eye line, The touch temperate soft, Does not need to worry the flesh receives the injury.’


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