Complete and Utter Rubbish!

Posted on March 9, 2012


Optimist Prime has always been a bit wise for a ten-year-old, and his seeming wisdom has only increased now that he’s chosen to permanently speak in a British accent. He’s been trying it out here and there with an occasional “That’s bloody brilliant” or “And I said rubbish! Complete and utter rubbish!” but this last week I encouraged him to adopt the accent full-time. He’s on his fourth straight day of all British, all the time.

There’s something very wise about any advice given in an English accent and it’s made me take his counsel much more seriously, although I know you shouldn’t place too much weight on any advice given by someone who spends all his free time reading while sitting in the dry bathtub, but rarely bathing.

Whenever we take walks or play catch I ask him questions like I want his advice and I always thank him afterwards for listening so he thinks I value his opinion. On Wednesday I thanked him after a walk to the store and he replied, “I’ll always be there for you, even in your darkest hour…so I can it write all down and then gossip to other people about it later.”

It almost makes me want to become famous, just so he has the opportunity to write a tell-all book about me later. If somebody had to sell me out and expose my darkest secrets in a book, he would probably do the best job.


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Disclaimer: For those of you counting the number of times I’ve satirized Republicans, you should know I’ve tried hard to balance it out with satirizing Democrats but this neverending Republican primary is providing too much material. And if you are keeping score, I think any of my satirizing of celebrities should also count as a satire of Democrats and should balance the scales.


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