Obama Baby Drama

Posted on September 20, 2011


I found this picture of Obama with a baby but I wasn’t able to find the associated headline and had to create my own:

Townspeople Demand Refund After Seeing Local Obama Impersonator Side-By-Side With Real President

President’s Efforts to Change Child’s Diaper Bring Accusations of ‘Smear Tactics’

Obama Warns Crowd of Dangerous GOP Plan to Eliminate Baby Gravity Programs

Obama Greets Tiny Supporter; Begs Her to Turn 18 by Next Election

President Rejects Gift of Town Key; Opts for Town Baby Instead

Obama Not Satisfied with ‘Taking Candy from a Baby’, Also Takes Baby from Woman Named Candy

Obama Gives Controversial Example When Asked Who Could Run Congress Better than Republicans

Terrorist Suspicions Prove Embarrassing After Baby Frisking Produces No Weapons

School Officials Criticized for New Tradition Mirroring Baseball’s Ceremonial First Pitch

Obama Approval Soars After Quick Thinking Saves Floating Baby

Local Mother Demands Government Compensation Following Claim President ‘Got’ Toddler’s Nose

Obama Makes Clear Which End Critics Can Kiss

Adorable Toddler Encounter Convinces Obama to Reconsider Federal Tickle Tax

ACLU Accusation: Child Wasn’t Read Miranda Rights Before Obama Demanded ‘Who’s a Good Girl?’