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Monsters Groan For Equal Rights

October 25, 2011


Monsters have made great strides in the last few decades as society becomes more and more tolerant and chooses to celebrate our differences.  This means vampires, zombies, and werewolves have emerged from the shadows figuratively, although they often remain in the shadows literally. But some critics worry tolerance of monsters has gone too far and […]

Rick Perry Death Stare Fails to Intimidate Voters

October 21, 2011


Texas has always been different than the rest of the United States, a lesson being learned by Texas Governor Rick Perry as he runs for the Republican Presidential nomination.  Perry enjoyed great success ruling Texas with an iron fist on a simple platform of physical intimidation. Texans didn’t bat an eye when Perry signaled the […]

Republicans Scramble to Defuse High-Five-Gate Controversy

October 15, 2011


Once again the Republican party is scrambling to shake off charges of elitism after a new scandal threatens attempts to appeal to the common man before the 2012 election. For years reporters have been asking multimillionaire Republicans ‘Gotcha’ questions to put them on the spot and prove they don’t understand the plight of average Americans.  […]

Palin Runs Out of Reasons to Run

October 6, 2011


Former VP candidate, half-term Alaska governor, reality TV star, Fox News analyst, and frequent ‘You betcha!’ utterer, Sarah Palin announced she wasn’t running for President to a  room full of yawns.  The news came as no surprise to the reporters at The Good Greatsby who realized she never intended to run from the time this […]

Tax to the Max

October 3, 2011


Much of today’s debate in American politics centers around the battle to meet budget obligations.  Obama would like to raise taxes on the very rich and close some tax loopholes while Republicans insist raising taxes is out of the question.  I’d like to suggest some taxes I think both parties can get behind: A tax […]

Palin and Trump 2012

June 1, 2011


Sarah Palin and Donald Trump met yesterday in New York.  They held a brief pretend meeting at Trump’s office, spoke to a huge throng of press corp about pretend issues, then went for pizza.  They towed the families along for the pizza outing because of course Trump was probably already planning to head to his […]