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How to Give Bad News

February 8, 2022


Giving someone bad news is tough. Whether it’s a break up, a layoff, or telling my friend Todd I’m unable to repay the money he didn’t know I’d borrowed, everyone dreads those awkward conversations. I read a story about a woman in China who faked her own kidnapping and death to avoid having to break […]

The Canceling Plans Revolution

February 28, 2017


When I look back at my life I realize all my happiest moments involved plans falling through. When Mom flips through a photo album and talks about the big moments in life that brought her joy, a wedding, a family reunion, a child’s piano recital, I realize all of my happiest, most fulfilling moments have […]

80% of Success is Showing Up. 20% is Never Leaving

January 11, 2017


‘80% of success in life is just showing up.’ I like to remember that saying when setting resolutions for the new year. Success isn’t about hard work. It’s about showing up to parties you weren’t invited to. The origins of the saying are uncertain. Some attribute the quote to Woody Allen, but others say it […]

FREE. The Confused Man’s Guide to Publishing Success

November 2, 2016


I carefully consider each rejection I receive, and I’m sorry to say that yours isn’t a perfect fit for me. I do appreciate that you wrote to me and wish you the very best luck finding a different writer to reject.

Interview Dos and Don’ts

December 6, 2011


In this tough job market, you’re lucky just to get an interview, and it’s essential that you carefully prepare ahead of time by reviewing a list of Dos and Don’ts so you don’t make a huge interview faux pas that might cost you the job. Here’s a list I always review ahead of any job […]

The Good Greatsby’s Tips for Getting Your Spouse’s Attention

November 10, 2011


In yesterday’s post, Muy Caliente! Tips for Adding Spice to Your Marriage, I responded to an article outlining methods to add some excitement to your marriage.  Today I’d like to suggest some of my own time-tested methods for keeping Mrs. Good Greatsby interested in yours truly. #1 Leave each other notes around the house from […]

Muy Caliente! Tips for Adding Spice to Your Marriage

November 9, 2011


A friend sent me an article on 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage with the suggestion it might make a good blog post, although it’s also possible she sent it at my wife’s request. My wife and I don’t need any help in the spice department.  If anything, my marriage has too much spice.  […]

Hey, Where’s that Fifty Bucks You Owe Me?

July 6, 2011


About once a month I set a date to go over my finances.  This usually involves analysis of four categories: 1. Bills to pay 2. Savings and investments 3. How the kids could make me money, possibly through street busking or pick-pocketry 4. How to trick or guilt people into giving me money The kids […]

Your Summer Swimsuit Strategy

June 21, 2011


Summer has arrived for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  For you Southern Hemispherians, I hope you’re enjoying winter as well as a respite from the full effects of the ozone hole we sent your way.  (Have you been to Australia?  It’s like they have three suns down there.  You can get sunburned while […]

How I Rank My Friends

June 7, 2011


If you’re anything like me, everybody wants to be your friend.  Ring, ring, ring–excuse me, I have to take this call. Sorry I had to step away, that was another friend calling, asking me to attend a cocktail party and then christen his new yacht.  Unfortunately that’s the same day as my children’s school talent […]

What’s a Couch Between Friends?

June 6, 2011


Moving is hard.  You need someone to help you, or better yet, someone who can be tricked into doing it for you.  You could ask a friend, but unfortunately you don’t have any friends because you never call unless you need a favor, like moving.  Or maybe you always ask for help, but you’re never […]

How to Out-stalk a Stalker

June 2, 2011


If you suspect you’ve attracted a stalker, you can try and get a restraining order and take a chance he’ll be scared off, but TV has taught me you’re just as likely to provoke him to new levels of stalkerdom.  Instead of letting him know you’re worried, why not stalk him back and scare him […]