Prelude to Five People Asking for Hand Sanitizer

Posted on October 5, 2012


Are you new? Something about you seems different than the people who normally work here.

I can honestly say, of all the presidential candidates I’ve ever met, you’re the first.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who can see this guy. Is it just me or did a rich, white guy just appear?

Psst…guess where my other hand is?

Psst…I don’t know what your advisers have been telling you, but three Hispanics and a black guy working at a fast food joint might not be your target demographic.

I’m so glad the four of us will have this picture as a memento of the guy we didn’t vote for.

Every time I see this guy I end up fired.

You’re not going to use this picture as evidence that you have some ethnic friends, are you?

Hey, have you already selected your cabinet secretary of fast food?

Psst…tell me how Mad Men ends.

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