In with the In Crowd–Or Else!

Posted on October 8, 2012


Our two sons recently began a new school year at a new school and while taking a walk yesterday my 11-year-old Optimist Prime told me how much he was enjoying the new group of friends he’d made.

OP: I really like my new friends. They’re really interesting and creative and do stuff with their lives.

Me: When you say they do stuff with their lives, what do you mean?

OP: They’re creating stuff. They’re not all computery. They read and write and do those sort of things.

Me: That’s great. I’m glad you’ve made so many new friends.

OP: They’re more interesting than the popular kids. The popular kids are on Skype like twelve hours a day.

Me: I’m sorry, what?

OP: The popular kids are okay, but my friends are more interesting than the popular kids.

Me: Are you saying your friends aren’t the popular kids?

OP: They’re not unpopular. They’re just not the most popular.

Me: Wait a second. Wait a second. I thought your friends were the popular kids.

OP: I know the popular kids. I’m friends with them but I don’t hang out with them. I could hang out with them if I wanted.

Me: Then you should! You definitely should!

OP: They’re just not as fun.

Me: Maybe they’ll seem more fun once you get to know them. Give them a chance!

OP: I could hang out with them if I wanted to.

Me: Prove it!

OP: I really could.

Me: Prove it!

OP: My friends are cooler than the popular kids.

Me: I doubt it. I really doubt it.

OP: I think they are.

Me: Do you understand the definition of ‘cool’?

OP: No comment.

Me: How could your friends be the coolest kids and not be the popular kids? If your friends were the coolest they’d be the most popular.

OP: They’re really cool to me.

Me: Maybe your ‘cool’ detector is broken.

OP: They’re not unpopular. They’re just not the most popular.

Me: I think it’s great that you’ve found some new friends but I’m going to give you a choice: You can either make friends with the popular kids or you can find a way to turn your unpopular friends into the popular kids. What’s it going to be?


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