Four More Years! Four More Years!

Posted on September 6, 2012


Tonight President Obama will give his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention and you could play a drinking game based on the number of times the crowd will break into the chant “Four-More-Years! Four-More-Years!” We Americans love a good chant because you get the emotional high of being part of a team, but without having to do any of the hard work that normally qualifies you for a team like being in shape or being smart. The incumbent in a presidential election always has an advantage because he has the “Four-More-Years!” chant in his quiver of election weapons. A good chant intoxicates a crowd and the positive energy generated can influence the weak-minded to support something they in no way understand.

You might be interested to learn the chant originated at the Republican convention in 1984 when Reagan was seeking ‘Four-More-Years’ as president. Reagan told his advisers he was seeking a catchy chant that would sum up his case for voters giving him four more years. Historians have recently discovered the first draft of these potential chants, all of which Reagan rejected:

Four-More-Winters! Four-More-Springs! Four-More-Summers! Four-More-Falls!

208-More-Weeks! 208-More-Weeks!

Four-More-Arbor-Days! Four-More-Arbor-Days!

One-More-Leap-Year! One-More-Leap-Year!

Forty-Percent-of-the-Next-Decade! Forty-Percent-of-the-Next-Decade!

One-More-Year! And-Three-After-That!

28-Dog-Years-More! 28-Dog-Years-Years!

24-More-Inches-of-Hair-Growth! 24-More-Inches-of-Hair-Growth!

The-First-Term-Times-Two! The-First-Term-Times-Two!

Approximately-Two-Elephant-Pregnancies! Two-Elephant-Pregnancies!

48-More-Moons! 48-More-Moons!

The-First-Four-Years-Were-Half-of-a-Pie! The-Next-Four-Years-is-the-Second-Half-of-the-Pie! Let’s-Eat-the-Whole-Pie!

President Reagan was disappointed with each of these attempts to give him a catchy case for four more years, so he finally just settled on ‘Four-More-Years!’ and the rest is history.


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