How Not to Spill Your Coffee When Walking

Posted on May 11, 2012


Scientists at the University of California at Santa Barbara have just published a study revealing how not to spill your coffee when walking. Apparently the human gait moves at roughly the same frequency as coffee sloshes back and forth in a mug so each step amplifies the coffee’s sloshing. But these scientists have developed a number of recommendations to solve the problem, which include walking slower, looking at your mug instead of your feet, and accelerating gradually.

Allow me to lead everyone in a cheer, “Hooray for science!”


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I know some husband’s give their wives a gift for Mother’s Day but I’ve always found this odd because your wife is not your mom. The kids are in charge of taking care of mom on Mother’s Day. I’ll be in charge of disappointing her on her birthday and our anniversary.

And it seems a bit mean-spirited to give a Mother’s Day gift to my wife when I didn’t even give one to my mom.

Parents, if your kids don’t have the organizational skills to put together a card and make you breakfast on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day without your help, then maybe this is an ironic testament to your poor parenting.