Chinglish Shampoo for Nerd Dogs

Posted on February 12, 2012


I volunteered at a pet shelter as a teenager and when I bathed the animals, we weren’t fortunate enough to have such fancy shampoos like the one below I found in a local Shanghai pet store. This magic formula seems to promise the dispelling of amorous activity:

‘Aim at the pet skin scraps problem effectively the
creation of the prevention skin has the outstanding
result with dispel in addition to the horniness
alergic skin of the repair and maintenance pet’

Yes dogs can suffer from an abundance of horniness, but I’m not sure I have the confidence it can be dispelled safely through a mere shampoo.

See if you can spot anything unusual about the dog profiles featured in this row of shampoo bottles. One of these dogs is not like the other.

Did you spot the dog on the right wearing glasses? Apparently this shampoo is specially formulated for nerd dogs.

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