The Fonz Makes Three Fashion Choices in Hopes of Impressing a Girl

Posted on February 11, 2012


If you’ve followed each stage of The Fonz’s budding romance with Whatshername, you’ll remember the fateful moment when she complimented his funny clothes, probably without appreciating the impact her remark would have on the over-confidence portion of his brain, the flamboyance of his future outfits, or his parents’ efforts to move up the ladder of polite society. (Nobody invites us to Sunday brunch at the Marriott anymore). Every day this week he came down the stairs wearing something that would make me shake my head.

Here were some of this week’s highlights/lowlights:

He’s wearing a tuxedo jacket, cowboy hat, safety glasses from a Nerf dart gun set, and armed with a banana gun.

Apparently he was under the impression Whatshername was into guys with big, fake muscles and plastic pirate caps.

This is the camouflage/cowboy/welder goggles look you always see the celebrities wearing in People magazine.

I’ll let you know if any of these outfits won success in a Fonz and Whatshername Sitting in a Tree Part 3 update this week.


Georgettesullins suggested a contest to guess Whatshername’s name. Go ahead and guess any Italian names you can thing of in the comments section. It starts with an A. I’ll let you know if you guess right.


Thanks to every reader who visited my Huffington Post post:

Facebook IPO Reveals Potential Threats to World Domination Strategy

It’s not too late to leave a comment and click on everything. A special thanks to Monica of Monica’s Tangled Web who has written for Huffington before and gave me some tips for my first submission. If Monica ever needs $10 for cab fare, I hope I’m in a postion to either give her the money or give her tips on how to con the money out of others.


Mrs. Greatsby, the librarian, is hard at work promoting her school’s literacy week, and Optimist Prime and The Fonz have spent a lot of this weekend behind a book as part of the read-a-thon. OP is reading the Wheel of Time series. The Fonz is reading the Prince of Underwhere. OP looked up from his book to remark, “One reason I wish I was a hero in a book was because they never have to use the toilet.”


Only one more day to submit a caption in the caption contest. The finalists will be announced tomorrow.


The Fonz saw me writing this post and had a comment about the third picture. You may have noticed that one of the lenses was missing. The Fonz wanted me to include the following dictated message: “As you can see, my son is wearing some weird vortex goggles. And you can see one of his eyes but you can’t see the other. He can see halfway but not well halfway. And if you told him you were supposed to see very badly with the vortex goggles, I bet it would be news to him.”

I’m not sure what that means. You’d have to ask him, but don’t be surprised if the explanation takes thirty minutes.