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That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

March 8, 2013


A South Carolina man was charged with stealing $19,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies, or 450 cases. Police were able to apprehend the man after asking the public to be on the lookout for anyone exhibiting any suspicious behavior, like gaining two hundred pounds in a day. Parents may want to clip this article to […]

The Fonz Makes Three Fashion Choices in Hopes of Impressing a Girl

February 11, 2012


If you’ve followed each stage of The Fonz’s budding romance with Whatshername, you’ll remember the fateful moment when she complimented his funny clothes, probably without appreciating the impact her remark would have on the over-confidence portion of his brain, the flamboyance of his future outfits, or his parents’ efforts to move up the ladder of […]

Saturday Sampler

July 23, 2011


When somebody cuts your hair successfully fifteen months in a row, you stop paying close attention during the haircut.  This last Tuesday I brought my son along to chat with me while I sat in the barber’s chair, and I believe this distraction is what prevented me from noticing until the very end that my […]