Two Pictures of the Boys

Posted on February 4, 2012


The Fonz didn’t need any encouragement regarding his fashion choices.

We were right to be worried when he came home and told us Whatshername had remarked, “I really like your funny clothes.”

That’s all the permission he’ll ever need to wear anything he wants for the rest of his life. This is what he wore yesterday:

If you’ve got a sharp eye and a good memory, you’ll remember the shorts he’s wearing over his pants as the swimsuit he wore in some of the Bali pictures.


Yesterday I visited the classroom of my ten-year-old son Optimist Prime. His teacher asked if I could come in and talk about writing and reinforce some things she’d been teaching. I started by pretending I was under the mistaken impression the teacher had invited me for the purpose of showing baby pictures of Optimist Prime. After the kids laughed and corrected me, I asked if I could show just one baby picture of OP and I showed them this picture on my iPad:

Every student, including OP, believed me. (Note: My son is not fat in any way and is most certainly not Asian.)


Only one day left to vote in the caption contest.

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