Saturday Snack

Posted on November 12, 2011


The Fonz is having a great year in 2nd grade.  He’s never been so excited about learning and corners me throughout the day to tell me about the solar system or compound words.  Of course I was happy to see how enthused he was about learning, but my happiness began to fade this past week as he’s gained the confidence to start correcting me when he thinks I’m wrong.  Even as I was writing this post, he came in to my room to show me how much money he had saved up, and I told him I was entitled to a certain percentage of his earnings as his dad.  He refused to turn any of his money over as he insisted, “I earned this money fair and swear!”

I told him the saying was supposed to be “fair and square,” but he corrected me again and again that the phrase should be “fair and swear,” and I never quite broke through to him.  Is this what teachers are teaching kids?  To stand up to adults?  If so, I don’t like it!


Optimist Prime is a bit more willing to take correction.  His mother corrected a grammatical error he had made, and he answered, “But I don’t make as many grammackeral errors as I used to.”  If only his errors were limited to the grammackeral.

Mrs. Good Greatsby worked with him on the correct pronunciation of grammatical, but he still doesn’t quite have it.


Today I found the following in my search terms:

educlaytion and the good greatsby are training attack bears?

This rumor is only partially true.  Yes, we’re training bears but those bears are just as afraid of you as you are of them and will only attack if provoked.  Or if commanded by me or Clay.


Only one day left to submit a caption in the caption contest.  Remember that ex-boyfriend who said you’d never be able to submit a caption in a caption contest without him by your side?  Now is your chance to prove him wrong!

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