Come Again? (Guest Contribution at Educlaytion)

Posted on November 11, 2011


Clay over at Educlaytion asked me to contribute to a post on the random things you might say to confuse people who are eavesdropping.  Sometimes I suspect the couple at the table next to me seems to be straining to listen in on my conversation, and this is why I always have a snippet of an odd story ready to shock them:

…but when the song ended, the bear stopped dancing and just went crazy, must have eaten four or five kids–including the birthday boy–before the tranquilizer…

Check out the post at Educlaytion: Come Again? [featuring The Good Greatsby]

Make sure and leave a comment with your own ridiculous snippet.

And if you have time, leave a comment telling Clay that Kate Beckinsale would choose me and my smoking jacket over him in a second.

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