Saturday Platter

Posted on November 5, 2011


When the kids were considering Halloween costumes, The Fonz wished Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak existed so he could go as the invisible man.  I told him I’d actually read a story about scientists developing an invisibility cloak and he grew excited.

“How much does it cost?”
“It’s not for sale.  It’s just an experiment.”
“Where can I buy it?”
“You can’t buy it anywhere.  It’s just an experiment and they’re not going to sell it in stores.”

A few hours later he asked me again:

“Dad, I know you said they weren’t going to sell the invisibility cloak, but if they were, how much would it cost?”
“I don’t know.  Maybe a million dollars.”

A few hours later:

“Dad, if I could get a million dollars, where are they selling invisibility cloaks?”
“They’re not selling an invisibility cloak anywhere.  It’s not for sale.”

Two days passed before he asked again:

“Where can people buy the invisibility cloaks?”
“They can’t.  Nobody is selling them.  I’m sorry you got excited but you can’t buy one.”
“But I thought you said they were a million dollars.”
“That was a guess of how much they would sell them for if they were selling them but they’re not selling them.”

The next day he asked:

“How much money do you and mom have?”

I didn’t answer.  Part of me was annoyed that he wouldn’t stop asking.  The other part remembered what it was like to be seven and knew he was imagining impressing all his friends and playing pranks like making his teacher’s books appear to be floating in mid-air, and I really wanted him to have that invisibility cloak.  Does anybody know how much they cost and where I can buy one.


I’m not a bird expert, but my Dear Good Greatsby post about Spectra’s dove has brought me a number of bird-related search terms:

what does it mean if a bird poops on you

It means you have to change your shirt.

pigeons roosting on my house! symbolism

Pigeons sitting on top of your house is usually symbolic of poop literally sitting on top of your house.


Only one day left to vote in the caption contest.  The winner will be announced at 6AM EST, but if you’re planning your day around the announcement, make sure you know tomorrow is the daylight savings time change in many places.  I don’t want anyone complaining I threw off the entire weekend schedule.


This week one searcher asked:

apologies i’m sorry i didn’t come to your party

If it makes you feel any better, I don’t remember any party so I guess I wasn’t invited to my party either.

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