Saturday Surprise

Posted on October 15, 2011


A father remembers the moment when after years of letting his son win, the kid sprints past him and wins all on his own.  Most of this ‘allowing to win’ pertains to sports and board games but not video games since babies today are born with advanced Super Mario skills far exceeding those of their fathers.

Because my kids never let me win at video games, I never let them win at wrestling.  I hope this helps them understand their strength in the virtual world is nothing compared to my strength in the physical world and an armed uprising against my rule would be fruitless.

Today, as part of my effort to remind my sons that any challenge to my rule would be pointless, I managed to soundly defeat both of them in a wrestling match while simultaneously solving a Rubik’s cube.  It took me 4 minutes and 37 seconds to solve the puzzle and during this time they were unable to escape my grasp even though my hands and mind were occupied with solving the cube–clear and indisputable evidence that I was barely even trying.


 My ten-year-old, Optimist Prime, told me to check his email for a picture I wanted to use on the blog.  When checking his folders, I noticed all my posts were in his junk mail and not one of them had been opened.

If you were planning on having kids as a guarantee someone would read your blog, forget it!


Has your father refused to pay for the wedding if you marry a vampire?  Is your TV remote haunted by the ghost of its previous owner?  Do you wish your sister-in-law would meet an untimely end but worry her ghost might still haunt family reunions to criticize your macaroni salad?  Now is your chance to ask The Good Greatsby all your Halloween-themed questions on the Dear Good Greatsby page.


While writing this post, I called Mrs. Good Greatsby to ask when she would be home.  She replied, “You know that handsome Indian waiter at Dehli Barbar (our favorite Indian restaurant)?  I just talked to him and he gave me his number.”

Under further questioning she revealed she had gone to the restaurant to arrange a librarians event and he had only given her the number so she could make a booking.  Part of what makes our relationship work is that we try and start all of our conversations with a joke and we’ve still got the magic after all these years.


Only one day left to submit a caption in the caption contest.  Remember all those teachers in high school who said you’d never amount to anything?  Winning the caption contest might just be your chance to prove them wrong.

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