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Posted on October 8, 2011


My seven-year-old son, The Fonz, is very interested in zombies right now, and when he overheard me mention I had watched an episode of the AMC zombie show, The Walking Dead,  he started asking if he could watch it despite my warnings it was much too scary.  I finally let him watch an advertisement for the show so he would understand the show wasn’t for kids.  He agreed it might be too scary, but a part of him still wanted to watch.  He said, “Seventy-five percent of me thinks it’s a good idea and twenty-five percent thinks it’s a bad idea.”  I recommended he listen to the twenty-five percent, and he cupped a hand to his ear and replied, “I don’t hear anything.”

I worry about The Fonz if he only has twenty-five percent of his conscience telling him to make the smart decision at the same time he suffers from poor hearing.


Weekly Tip: I’ve always been a big goal setter and start each day by reviewing a set of goals for the year, month, week, and day.  Just in case someone is ever snooping around and reads my to-do list, I always add one joke:

October 8–To Do

Write post
Play catch with kids
Pay bills
Clean attic

Not only is this fun, but it also serves as a warning to nosy people who might be tempted to give you trouble that you’re the type who seeks revenge.


Only one day left to vote in the caption contest.  The competition and bad blood have grown more competitive and bad bloodier than ever, especially between She’s a Maineiac and pegoleg who both wrote hilarious posts shamelessly begging for votes:

She’s a Maineiac: Mr. Skittles Needs Your Help

pegoleg: Always A (Caption Contest) Bridesmaid, Never a Bride


I’ve been working on multiple writing projects the last couple months and have tried to be very disciplined about how many hours I write each day.  At dinner this week, I explained to my family how excited I was at how much I’ve been able to write, but apologized for being a zombie in conversation with them because I was having a hard time switching gears when I finished writing.  Optimist Prime said, “Sounds like you need a little time to decompose in the evenings.”

I asked if he had meant to say ‘decompress’ and he said yes, but I still felt threatened after all this recent talk of zombies.  I want no part of decompressing in the evenings if takes me anywhere close to decomposing.


Here’s a picture of my son on his skateboard:

Can your kid do this?

Neither can mine.  He and his friend spent the day staging pictures that would make them look like much better skaters than they really were.  I’m so proud of him; scheming to trick people into being impressed with you is almost as impressive as actually being impressive.

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