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Evidence of the Zombie Apocalypse

June 5, 2012


The Center for Disease Control has issued a denial of any zombie apocalypse in the wake of multiple bizarre zombie-like attacks last week. The CDC says there’s no zombie apocalypse, but isn’t that what you’d expect them to say if there was a zombie apocalypse? The denial of a zombie apocalypse is therefore inversely the […]

Monsters Groan For Equal Rights

October 25, 2011


Monsters have made great strides in the last few decades as society becomes more and more tolerant and chooses to celebrate our differences.  This means vampires, zombies, and werewolves have emerged from the shadows figuratively, although they often remain in the shadows literally. But some critics worry tolerance of monsters has gone too far and […]

Tips for Introducing Your Monster Boyfriend

October 24, 2011


Your parents never like the guys you bring home.  They just can’t understand why you always seem to be attracted to bad boys. They called your last boyfriend a ‘monster’; how will they react when they learn your new boyfriend really is a monster? Literally. We may be living in a progressive age but don’t […]

Dear Good Greatsby: Help! I’m a Zombie Trying to Kick My Brains Addiction!

October 19, 2011


The first question comes from Binky of Wombania Comics who appears to be suffering an existential crisis. Dear Good Greatsby, I might be a pumpkin. What should I do? And don’t say make pie! Binky Dear Binky, Paul: During the Halloween season, psychiatrists always report an uptick in patients claiming to be pumpkins.  These patients […]

Saturday Brain Biscuits & Gravy

October 8, 2011


My seven-year-old son, The Fonz, is very interested in zombies right now, and when he overheard me mention I had watched an episode of the AMC zombie show, The Walking Dead,  he started asking if he could watch it despite my warnings it was much too scary.  I finally let him watch an advertisement for […]

Now Hiring Post-apocaplyptic Workforce–Apply Today!

September 13, 2011


Last week President Obama gave a speech announcing details of his plan to create more jobs.  I’ve read through the main points of the plan and worry it misses all the evidence that job creation has stalled because we’re too focused on creating jobs for the old, good-times economy without paying attention to the approaching […]