Saturday Mimosa

Posted on October 1, 2011


My seven-year-old, The Fonz, was telling my wife the sound he hated to hear above all others was the sound of scratchy markers.  My wife said there were lots of other things people hated to hear, and The Fonz replied, “You mean like, ‘I don’t love you.  I love him,’ or ‘I want a divorce’?”  Not exactly what she meant, but she had to agree most people don’t like to hear those sounds.


My ten-year-old, Optimist Prime, acted as emcee yesterday in a series of skits at a school assembly.  So many people commented on what a great job he had done, and I reflected at how mature he was becoming and how fast he seemed to be growing up.  I almost felt melancholy until he came downstairs this morning wearing a shirt with two different buttons in the wrong holes and half his collar tucked in, and I felt relieved that he still had so much for me to teach him.


Don’t forget to submit a caption in the caption contest.  The finalists will be announced Sunday 6AM EST.  A caption contest victory added to your resume might just be the difference-maker that secures your next job, although it will help if you could somehow be related to the interviewer.


The Fonz watched his mom making a dinner he wasn’t looking forward to and he remarked that he wouldn’t be able to eat it and would get skinny.  “Do you want me to become a mime?” he asked.

She didn’t see the connection and asked what being skinny had to do with being a mime, and he answered, “Have you ever seen a fat mime?”  She laughed for a moment and he left the room, only to return a short time later and ask, “What’s a mime?”


I’ve seen mimes on stage and on TV, but has anyone actually seen a mime in the wild in their natural habitat?


Those kids need a father get them into the best parties.

The Good Greatsby will be updated throughout the weekend with any breaking news in the Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore saga.  Of course I’m rooting for them to pull through and stay together for the kids.  Dashton doesn’t have any kids, but I mean stay together for the kids Demi had with Bruce Willis, and those kids love having Ashton in their lives because they get in to way more parties by saying ‘my stepdad is Ashton Kutcher’ than by saying ‘my real dad used to be on Moonlighting in the ’80s’.

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