Saturday Shuffle

Posted on July 30, 2011


On Thursday night my seven-year-old, The Fonz, lost a tooth while attending a rodeo/carnival.  He told me the news and expected me to be excited, but I immediately quoted the ancient proverb: “He who loses his tooth at a carnival in the presence of many toothless carnies, is destined to grow up to be a carny.”  My warning didn’t seem to worry him, probably because he’s never met a carny, but I hope the words will gain meaning and begin to scare him over time since I’ve always feared he would grow up to be a carnival worker.


Optimist Prime and The Fonz have been reading all my old Calvin and Hobbes collections.  Optimist Prime read every single strip except for those on the very last page of the last book.  He said he wanted to wait to read the ending because he wanted to have something to look forward to on his deathbed.

Not a bad idea to have something to look forward to on your death bed.  I’m going to ask my wife to make me a really delicious death pie that we’ll keep in the freezer.  If the doctor ever tells me I have one day to live, 90% of me will be disappointed, but the other 10% will be thinking, “Mmm, mmm, I’m gonna get me some death pie.”


Only one day left to vote in the caption contest.  The winner will be posted Sunday at 6AM EST.


I’ll be leaving for Edinburgh tomorrow, but I’ll continue to post and comment each day.  I’ll provide more information about the play this coming week for any readers in the UK who might want to come see it.


I don’t like talking to the kids on the phone while they’re on vacation because they’re usually being pulled away from a water fight or something else fun and talking to me will feel like a punishment.  I told my wife this and she assured me the kids were excited to talk.  She put The Fonz on the phone and this was our word-for-word conversation:

“Hi, Dad.”
“Hi, buddy.  Are you having fun with your cousins?”
“Do you want to talk to Mom?”

The rest of the conversation lasted under a minute and mostly consisted of me ordering him to go to his room while he insisted that he was staying with cousins and had no room of his own to go to.

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