Breaking News Fixed: Russian President Medvedev Debuts Sultry-Look-Diplomacy

Posted on March 28, 2011


Once again I bring you the news headlines I would have preferred to see attached to the following pictures:

1. Russian President Medvedev Demands UN Halt Libya Military Action; Recommends Shift in Strategy to Sultry-Look-Diplomacy

2. Political Retirement Rumors Gain Steam as Medvedev Submits Headshot to Russian Version of The Mentalist

3. Controversy Erupts as Russian Duma Debates Stripping President of Constitutional Gazing Powers

4. Medvedev Craigslist Ad Surfaces; Accused of Two-timing Russia by Seeking No-Strings-Attached Ruling of Other Countries

5. Medvedev’s Mr. March Pose in ‘Boys of Kremlin’ Calendar Causes Teen Girl Test Scores to Plummet



1. Hand of God Crushes Steve Jobs in Fury As He Returns iPad 1 Purchased Only Days Before Announcement of iPad 2

2. Apple Bucks Industry Trend of Going Smaller by Debuting New Eighteen Foot iPad 3

3. Investors Question Jobs’ Mental Health as He Announces Expedition to Land of Giants in Search of Bigger Customers

4. New Pocket-Sized Steve Jobs Sold with Every iPad 2; Even Tinier Steve Jobs Expected to Debut in December 2011 Together with iPad 14

5. Jobs Demonstrates New iPad Shrinking App; Still Expects Tiny Customers to Pay Full-size Prices

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