Congratulations Captain Caption MattJ! Who Can Topple Him from His Caption Throne?

Posted on March 27, 2011


The votes have been tallied and the winner is:

Little Known Fact: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” had a far less successful sequel titled “Drag Queen Ninjas do Hamlet”. This still is taken from the rousing opening song and dance number “You may be Danish but you aint my mother”, a guilty pleasure not to be missed.

Congratulations to MattJ who has been awarded the honorary title of Captain Caption for the next week.  MattJ is also a two consecutive weeks winner and has converted his ‘moderate’ lucky feeling into an ‘on-a-roll’ feeling.  If he wins a third consecutive week, he will be awarded a ‘can do’ attitude.

Submit your best caption for the picture below:

Give me your best caption.

Your caption could be a narration, a line of dialogue, a news headline, a movie title, or even song lyrics reminding us of the days of the week if you can make it applicable.

Please no incantations that could be deadly if read aloud.  Also, no limericks or punchlines that reveal the ending of Titanic in case some readers haven’t seen it yet.

More than one submission will be allowed.

Deadline for submissions is midnight Tuesday eastern time.  The funniest five captions will be selected by me and posted on Wednesday, allowing readers to vote and select the favorite.  The winner will also receive a link back to their own blog or website if they choose (as long as the site says nothing negative about Rebecca Black and her modern masterpiece Friday).

Winner will be awarded the title Captain Caption and has the option of printing business cards with the title Captain Caption.  Note: The cards must spontaneously combust at the end of your one week term.  (I’m not sure this technology exists, and if it doesn’t…patent pending!)

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