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August 28, 2011


My friend Andrew took this picture: At first he laughed at the sign because who needs to be warned, “NO SMIWWING”?  I think we’re all born with the intrinsic knowledge that smiwwing is not acceptable.  But the more he thought about the wanring, the more he felt compelled by the rebellious, overpowering urge to smiw. Optimist Prime took […]

Chinglish Freewheeling

August 21, 2011


My friend took this picture in Shanghai at a children’s ball pit: I assume this message is either a warning not to throw the balls or is alluding to the seminal Bob Dylan album, Freewheelin’.  I searched all the song lyrics on the album but couldn’t find any reference to “pompons”.  I wonder if the “Please don’t […]

Chinglish Toiletry Warnings

August 14, 2011


My friend took the following picture outside a restroom: I can read the Chinese, so I understand the sign is meant to warn of a slippery floor, but the mere suggestion of a landslide hitting while I’m using the restroom will make it extremely difficult to relax.    My ten-year-old, Optimist Prime, took this picture near the gate […]

Chinglish Loving Life

August 7, 2011


This sign was posted on a rail separating viewers from a 10,170 foot drop off the peak of Mount Emeishan: The advice is pretty straightforward–if you think life is okay, or maybe even love life, then you probably don’t want to climb to the other side of the hand rail and fall off the mountain. […]

Chinglish Beauty Tips

July 31, 2011


My wife bought some fake eyelashes here in Shanghai: When she tried on the eyelashes and asked me how she looked, I told her she looked fine.  She was extremely disappointed my reaction wasn’t more enthusiastic based on the promises made on the reverse side of the packaging: Rococo for women gives you beauty and […]

Chinglish Lessons

July 24, 2011


I found this sign above a urinal in a small village outside Chengdu: I’ve taken that counsel to heart, and since that day, every time I use a urinal, I pause for a brief moment to think about making things easier for others.  Let’s all give it a try and maybe together we can make […]