Chinglish Freewheeling

Posted on August 21, 2011


My friend took this picture in Shanghai at a children’s ball pit:

I assume this message is either a warning not to throw the balls or is alluding to the seminal Bob Dylan album, Freewheelin’.  I searched all the song lyrics on the album but couldn’t find any reference to “pompons”.  I wonder if the “Please don’t throw” is a mistaken reference to the Bob Dylan cover of “Baby, Please Don’t Go”, but any true Dylan fan would know this track didn’t make the Freewheelin’ album cut.  I appreciate this signmaker being a fan of Dylan, especially his early work, but a quick glance of Wikipedia could have cleared up any album track confusion.

A friend took the following picture on a bridge:

I’m confused by the picture of the mushroom, wishbone, and T-bone.  I assume this sign was made by a foreigner because any Chinese signmaker would know the Chinese rarely waste food and would never toss a mushroom off a bridge and would save those wishbones and T-bones to flavor a stew.


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