Posted on August 28, 2011


My friend Andrew took this picture:

At first he laughed at the sign because who needs to be warned, “NO SMIWWING”?  I think we’re all born with the intrinsic knowledge that smiwwing is not acceptable.  But the more he thought about the wanring, the more he felt compelled by the rebellious, overpowering urge to smiw.

Optimist Prime took this picture in front of a restaurant and brought it back to me in the hopes I could explain the operational hours.

We’ve been dying to try this restaurant, but we’re just not sure if it’s ever open.  If we had to pick a day to visit, it would probably be on Fryday, although I’m trying not to eat fried foods.


 Congratulations to Amy of for winning the caption contest.  Why not spend your Sunday submitting a caption in the new caption contest?

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