Chinglish Loving Life

Posted on August 7, 2011


This sign was posted on a rail separating viewers from a 10,170 foot drop off the peak of Mount Emeishan:

The advice is pretty straightforward–if you think life is okay, or maybe even love life, then you probably don’t want to climb to the other side of the hand rail and fall off the mountain. This is practical advice for those people who love life but don’t necessarily see any conflict between their love of life and choosing to fall off a 10,170 foot mountain.

On a hot day in July I searched our local convenience store for a refreshing drink but decided I wasn’t thirsty enough to try this one:

Has anyone tried Black Fungus Juice? Our modern economy offers so many excellent drink choices; who was the person bored enough to wonder whether he could turn fungus into a drink?


Check out the caption contest finalists–one of them just might be you, especially if you submitted a caption.

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