Chinglish Toiletry Warnings

Posted on August 14, 2011


My friend took the following picture outside a restroom:

I can read the Chinese, so I understand the sign is meant to warn of a slippery floor, but the mere suggestion of a landslide hitting while I’m using the restroom will make it extremely difficult to relax.   

My ten-year-old, Optimist Prime, took this picture near the gate of a large apartment complex in Shanghai:

I’m intrigued by point #6: Toilet affairs are not allowed in this area.  I assume  the apartment management means toilets in the apartment complex cannot be used for extramarital affairs, and it bothers me that they’re trying to regulate morality in the bathroom.


Congratulations to caption contest winner, Omawarisan.  Doesn’t submitting a caption in the new contest sound like the perfect Sunday activity for you and your family?


The Good Greatsby will reach its 100,000 view sometime today, a milestone I would not have predicted achieving in less than six months, especially when I only received 126 views in my first ten days, most of which I suspected were my wife clicking repeatedly.  I appreciate all my loyal readers and the consistently great comments and I feel it’s significant to be 100,000 views closer to my ultimate goal of 7 billion views.  Only 6, 999,900,000 more views to go!

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