Chinglish Lessons

Posted on July 24, 2011


I found this sign above a urinal in a small village outside Chengdu:

"Thinking of making things easy for other before urinating"

I’ve taken that counsel to heart, and since that day, every time I use a urinal, I pause for a brief moment to think about making things easier for others.  Let’s all give it a try and maybe together we can make the world a better place.

This next product was found at a convenience store here in Shanghai.

"Only Puke(et)"

The product is called Only Pukeet, but the “et” on the end isn’t highlighted against the green background and at first glance it appears to read “Only Puke”.  I bought a package of Only Puke, and I looked for it yesterday so I could take a bigger picture, but I couldn’t find it.  I fear someone may have eaten my Only Puke.  The culprit probably saw the name and just couldn’t resist.


Check out this week’s caption contest finalists.  Voting for one of the finalists just might prove beneficial if you some day ask for a loan and he or she asks, “What have you ever done for me?” and you can answer, “I voted for you in the caption contest.”  I don’t know which of the five finalists has the most money so maybe you should vote for all five just to be sure.

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