Bully for Bully Michelle Obama’s Use of Bully Pulpit

Posted on May 18, 2012


I knew Michelle Obama was a tall woman, but this picture of her standing next to the 6’0″ tall soccer star, David Beckham, truly puts her staggering height in perspective.

By analyzing her body language, it’s clear this picture was taken while Michelle was in the middle of bullying Beckham. The firm hand on his shoulder, the clear look of disgust, and the wide stance indicating a roundhouse slap from her left hand could come at any moment, make clear this is a woman used to using her stature to intimidate others into submission.

Beckham tries to put on a brave face but he’s obviously so scared that he can’t even bring himself to look her in the eye. Unfortunately, he looked away so quickly that he failed to realize his eyes were now locked on her rack. “My eyes are up here, Mr. Beckham. Way up here.”

The motivation for the bullying hasn’t been released by the White House, but rumors are circulating that Michelle was trying to intimidate the English Beckham into leaving the US so his soccer job could be filled by an American. Although I don’t believe bullying is ever appropriate, I do appreciate Michelle Obama’s dedication to creating jobs for Americans.

I don’t agree with her tactics, but if she’s going to bully for anyone, I’m sure glad our giant first lady is bullying for our side.