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America No Longer Fattest Nation! Cupholder Layoffs Expected

July 10, 2013


At a recent healthy lunch event for children hosted by Michelle Obama at the White House, one of the kids asked President Obama his favorite food and the president answered, “Broccoli.” If any of the children had asked his favorite hobbies, I wonder if he would have answered, “Homework and going to bed early.” But […]

Bully for Bully Michelle Obama’s Use of Bully Pulpit

May 18, 2012


I knew Michelle Obama was a tall woman, but this picture of her standing next to the 6’0″ tall soccer star, David Beckham, truly puts her staggering height in perspective. By analyzing her body language, it’s clear this picture was taken while Michelle was in the middle of bullying Beckham. The firm hand on his […]

Obama Reels in Big, Bigger, Biggest Fish

September 27, 2011


A new fish story controversy has bit the Obama administration at a time the President is already reeling from low poll numbers before next year’s election. The scandal started innocently enough when the White House released a photo from Obama’s summer vacation–supposedly an action shot of Obama catching a ‘big’ fish. Obama returned from vacation […]

Ain’t No Party Like a Barack Obama Party!

July 9, 2011


This is a picture of President Obama taken at a 4th of July celebration at the White House for military families. Can you pick the person in this picture who did not vote for Obama? Apparently the guy on the left meets the President all the time.  I once met George H.W. Bush, and even […]

Food Pyramid We Hardly Knew Ye

June 3, 2011


Yesterday the United States Department of Agriculture announced it was abandoning the food pyramid icon and moving to a new icon called “My Plate”. The USDA gave the following reasons for the change: 1. Many people found the food pyramid confusing, especially on the matter of whether food should be served from a pyramid instead […]