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Monstrous Captions

October 28, 2011


If you should feel any discomfort during the procedure, just send me a signal by breaking your constraints, smashing the room, and burning the nearby village. This won’t hurt a bit…until I flip the switch to send 10,000 volts of electricity through your body. Sorry, I know you requested a black chest restraint to match […]

Monsters Groan For Equal Rights

October 25, 2011


Monsters have made great strides in the last few decades as society becomes more and more tolerant and chooses to celebrate our differences.  This means vampires, zombies, and werewolves have emerged from the shadows figuratively, although they often remain in the shadows literally. But some critics worry tolerance of monsters has gone too far and […]

Tips for Introducing Your Monster Boyfriend

October 24, 2011


Your parents never like the guys you bring home.  They just can’t understand why you always seem to be attracted to bad boys. They called your last boyfriend a ‘monster’; how will they react when they learn your new boyfriend really is a monster? Literally. We may be living in a progressive age but don’t […]