Scrabble Contestant Accused of Hiding G in His A

Posted on October 20, 2011


A missing letter ‘G’ during a World Scrabble Championships match resulted in accusations of cheating as the losing player demanded his opponent be strip-searched.  Both players were asked to turn out their pockets but the missing tile was never found and officials refused to conduct the requested strip search.  I’ve composed the following headlines to describe the story:

Heated Scrabble Match Ends in String of Four-letter Words

Scrabble Contestant Accused of Hiding G in His A

Cheating Accusation Sparks War of Words During War of Words

Scrabble ate Scandal: Missin Letter Mars Scrabble ame

Scrabble Contestant at Loss for Words Over Loss of Letter

Loser Insists Scrabble Travel Edition Does Not Permit Letter Travel to Pants

Official Scrabble Board Grows Bored with Claims Game Not Above Board After Letter Missing from Board

Man of Words Not Necessarily Man of Word

Contestant Eats Words Figuratively After Accusing Opponent of Eating Words Literally

G Disappears; Gang Violence Not Suspected

Triple Word Score Goes Triple XXX

Strip Search Turndown as Scrabble Turn Takes Turn for Worse After Pocket Turnout Turns Up Nothing