Caption Contest: MattJ Awarded Can-do Attitude! Who Can Can-don’t His Can-do?

Posted on April 3, 2011


MattJ has done it again, securing the rights to the title Captain Caption for another week!  MattJ has also been awarded a ‘can-do’ attitude.  Your confidence will be felt by others, including oncoming traffic, allowing you to make left-hand turns at any place and any time.  No matter how fast those cars seem to be approaching, go ahead and make that turn.

In this archival photo, therapy pioneer Dr. Hans Tinkerhoff attempts to help a young Henry Kissinger confront his fear of flying, typewriters, and dirty limericks simultaneously. There once was a Jew from Nantucket, Whose plane crashed and burned the young puppet. Two lines in, it was clear that the well intentioned Dr. had chosen his limerick poorly, and the ensuing “freak out” became part of both aviation lore and good-natured White House ribbing for years to come.

Who can defeat the three time winner MattJ?  Is there a brash young rookie ready to take on the seasoned veteran?

Will MattJ’s success lead to over-confidence and cause him to take the competition too lightly?

Is MattJ some sort of caption-creating robot designed to steal all the best caption-creating jobs?

Will someone please topple MattJ from his caption throne before the conspiracy theory I just started catches on?

Submit your best caption.

Your caption could be a narration, a line of dialogue, a news headline, a daily affirmation, or even compliments about me if you can make it applicable.

Please no references to Charlie Sheen unless it’s very, very clever.  You can’t just say Charlie Sheen and assume your work is done.

More than one submission will be allowed; more than ten submissions will make you look unemployed.

All submissions must be received promptly by Tuesday or Wednesdayish.

Prizes will be awarded accordingly:

  1. One week winners will be awarded a ‘moderate’ lucky feeling.
  2. Two consecutive week winners will be awarded an ‘on-a-roll’ feeling that may be helpful in making exact change.
  3. Three consecutive wins will qualify you for a ‘can-do’ attitude, enabling you to stand up to your mother-in-law…then profess your romantic love for her.
  4. Four consecutive wins will get you a ‘top-of-the-world’ confidence that others will sense, causing them to laugh at your jokes…out of fear!

I will not list the five consecutive wins prize because the resulting award may be too dangerous in the wrong hands, and if anyone wins four weeks in a row, the contest may be discontinued before a potential humanity-ending fifth week is possible.

I really shouldn’t mention the prize, but I guess I can give one hint…


Maybe that was too much of a hint.

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