Pointing the Finger of Blame

Posted on April 2, 2011


After years and years of therapy I remember the day I made my big breakthrough.

I had prepared a slideshow so I could point out to Dr. Thomas all the people who had held me back in life or wronged me in some way.

In the middle of slide #47, ‘Little League Coaches, Scoutmasters, Librarians, and County Fair Judges’, Dr. Thomas interjected with words I’ll never forget: “When you point the finger of blame at someone else, you’re pointing three fingers at yourself.”

I froze as my eyes darted to my index finger pointing out Troop Leader Hansen awarding me second place in the Pinewood Derby, and I realized he was right, three of my fingers were pointing right back at me.

So now, just to be clear, I’ve started pointing out blame with all five fingers.

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