Elect Your Caption King or Queen!

Posted on March 30, 2011


Thank you for your outstanding submissions. I hate excluding anyone and I considered narrowing the captions down to thirty-five instead of five, but I realized thirty-five wouldn’t meet the strictest definition of ‘narrowing down’ since I received exactly thirty-five submissions. If you feel your submission was more deserving than any of these five, please remind yourself that the whole world has always treated you unfairly and some day you’ll have your revenge and we’ll all be sorry.

Please vote for the funniest caption of the five below. You can vote once every day.  The winner will be posted on Saturday.

A. Why are you writing a letter to your sister when we will be there in 15 minutes?

B. “I’d love to fly color, but black and white is all I can afford on a stenographer’s salary.”

C. In this archival photo, therapy pioneer Dr. Hans Tinkerhoff attempts to help a young Henry Kissinger confront his fear of flying, typewriters, and dirty limericks simultaneously.

There once was a Jew from Nantucket,
Whose plane crashed and burned the young puppet.

Two lines in, it was clear that the well intentioned Dr. had chosen his limerick poorly, and the ensuing “freak out” became part of both aviation lore and good-natured White House ribbing for years to come.

D. Having grown tired of the eavesdropping passenger to his left, Sid wrote him a letter even whilst feeling the stranger’s breath against his ear, mouthing each syllable : “Dear Passenger to My Left, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sid Steinberg and I’m a business man. I suffer from a severe condition of a spastic nature. If you get my elbow to your forehead during the course of this flight. I want to offer you my apologies beforehand.”

E. “Ahh, this’ll be a barrel of laughs!”
“I don’t know fella, I don’t think that this airline takes bomb threats as a joke. Even if they are typed in Comic Sans.”
(Scott Oglesby)

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