Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot? Now Robots Will be Stealing Our Rubik’s Cube Solving Jobs, Too!

Posted on March 22, 2011


There’s so much going on in the world, but my wife is still sick of my contrarian take on the news and won’t discuss current events with me.  I’m forced once again to post my comments online:

1. A student creates a robot that can solve a Rubik’s Cube in fifteen seconds:

Aww, man, now robot’s will be stealing our Rubik’s Cube solving jobs, too!

2. Actor/comedian Gilbert Gottfried is fired as the Aflac duck voice after ‘tasteless’ tweets about the Japanese earthquake/tsunami:

Once again the mainstream media has let us down and overlooked an important subplot of this story! I’ve read multiple articles and not one has mentioned how reasonable Aflac’s rates are!

3. A man claims to see the face of Jesus in a pizza pan:

I fear this news will only add weight to the claims of Italian Catholics who insist Jesus always intended us to take Communion in pizza form.

4. Dog lovers are outraged as rat poison is found in a dog park together with a scribbled note ‘All Dogs Must Die’:

My cat Megatrons handwriting?

Uh-oh!  That looks a lot like my cat’s handwriting…

5. A Brooklyn teen is charged with a felony for killing her family’s hamster:

Before we make up our minds that this teen is guilty, let me mention I know a friend of this family and he said lots of people hated this hamster and had plenty of motives to want him dead!

6. Geneticists explain why humans lack a barb-like penis found in many mammals:

Wait, is this article suggesting human males shouldn’t have a barbed penis?

7. A UCLA student receives death threats after a video rant against Asians goes viral.  In the rant she mocks Asians for forcing her to leave the library by talking too loud as they try and call home to Japan in the wake of the Japanese natural disaster:

In this girl’s defense, it certainly sounds like she needs to spend more time in the library.

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