Breaking News Fixed

Posted on March 21, 2011


I saw this picture of Hillary Clinton but didn’t immediately see any headline attached.  What is she doing?  Who or what is she looking at?  Is she about to speak or has she just spoken?  Is she possibly thinking about me and those love letters I wrote her?

I decided not to look for the headline because it would probably disappoint me anyway, but I assume it was one of the following:

1. Clinton Hosts Peace in the Middle East Pep Rally; Challenges Audience to ‘Get Up Offa That Thing’ and Support Democracy

2. GOP Blasts Clinton’s Claim of Receiving Heavenly Ambassador Only Democrats Can See

3. Foreign Soldiers Unamused as Sec. of State Clinton Pulls Classic Fake Hug Gag and Walks Right Past

4. Clinton Chooses Tough Crowd to Debut New Stand-up Material

5. Critics Question Clinton’s Missing Libya Security Council Vote in Favor of Sound of Music Audition

6. Clinton Taunts Losers After Winning Epic Hand Slap Game

7. Clinton’s Bold Warning to America’s Enemies ‘I SAID A BOOM-CHICKA-BOOM’; Enemies Answer in Kind

8. Clinton’s Youth Favorables Skyrocket After Debuting Official State Department ‘Give-Me-Ten-Down-Low’ Salutation

9. Military Confidence in Sec. of State Clinton Wanes After Leading Soldiers Wrong Direction Into Wrong Battle

10. Secretary of State Clinton in Prime Position to Catch Kate’s Bouquet at Royal Wedding

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