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Posted on March 23, 2011


This week’s winner will receive the honorary title Captain Caption.  Your friends must call you Captain Caption for one week until a new winner is selected.  If your friends won’t call you Captain Caption, they are not good friends.

Thank you for your excellent caption submissions.  Many of these were funny, and I hate having to narrow it down to five.  If you feel your caption was unfairly overlooked, maybe you should send the link to three hundred of your friends, ask them to review all the submissions, and see if they agree with you.  If they do agree, tell them to follow me on Twitter and send me a message saying I made a mistake.  I’m happy to admit my mistakes, especially when the criticism comes after five to six complements, so I would suggest your friends familiarize themselves with my blog so they can mention five to six things they liked before mentioning my oversight of your terrific caption.

Please vote for the funniest caption of the five below.  The winner will be posted on Saturday.


A. This is the fifth outfit you’ve tried on! I keep telling you, you can change your shawl as many times as you want, he’s still going to notice your face first.

B. “Why, thank you! Pilates! Pilates and a weekly juice cleanse!”

C. “Oh, so I’m just supposed to know what ‘formal wear’ means? What about Ms. Poncho over there?”
“It’s a formal poncho Doug, you know that!”
“What the hell is a formal poncho, Linda?”
“Look, let’s all just change into some more *awkward cough* casual… clothes and we can get…”
“No no, I’ll change. All of you just make yourself at home. I’ll change. Ridiculous.”

D. After Ethel returned from her latest facelift, nobody could find the right words.

E. Little Known Fact: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” had a far less successful sequel titled “Drag Queen Ninjas do Hamlet”. This still is taken from the rousing opening song and dance number “You may be Danish but you aint my mother”, a guilty pleasure not to be missed.

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