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The Bieb Wanted for Questioning

May 30, 2012


Justin Bieber has been accused of roughing up a photographer who tried to take pictures of him at a shopping center. Apparently the photographer was minding his own business when the hulking 5’1″, 80-pound Bieber snapped and brutally manhandled him. Miraculously, the photographer survived the incident and was taken to a local hospital where doctors […]

Justin Bieber Takes Paternity Test; Also Geography Test

November 7, 2011


Tween fans of sixteen-year-old singer, heartthrob, and fake glasses wearer, Justin Bieber, were devastated to learn he had been sued for paternity last week.  Bieber claims he’s never met his accuser and yesterday agreed to take a paternity test contingent on his mom lending him her car once his chores are all finished.  I immediately […]

What Do Justin Bieber, Gaddhafi’s Hat, and Hanging Chads Have in Common?

October 26, 2011


Just when you thought you had the perfect topical Halloween costume planned, the biebshell story broke late yesterday. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez adopted a puppy together.  And now isn’t it obvious everyone at your office will be scrambling to jump on the biebwagon and create a GoBiebz puppy costume? You probably remember exactly where […]

This Post Contains No Nude Pictures of Celebrities

September 15, 2011


Note to any reader directed here by a search engine: This post contains no nude photos of any celebrities, especially former Golden Girl, Betty White. Note Note: This post contains slightly explicit content described in the blandest of manners.  Take pause before reading aloud to your kindergarten class, like you do all my other posts. […]

Is that Justin Bieber I Smell?

July 8, 2011


You may know Canadian Justin Bieber as the teen heartthrob who made $53 million last year, most notably for singing the song Baby which repeated the word “baby” 54 times, almost exactly $1 million per “baby”.  If you forget the words, just try shouting “baby” and the odds are in your favor. If you haven’t […]