Can I Do You a Favor?

Posted on April 9, 2012


Let me know if you ever need a favor, especially if the favor is easy and doesn’t take much time.

And don’t be surprised if I someday call in that favor.

And don’t be surprised if the favor I ask is difficult and takes a long time.

And don’t be surprised if I ask for two favors.

And if you ask me why you had to do two favors in exchange for your one, don’t be surprised if I suddenly receive a phone call that I absolutely have to take, even though you didn’t hear the phone ring.

And if you keep insisting the phone never rang and I have to interrupt my call to argue with you, and you finally apologize for being so rude, I’ll forgive your rudeness, but I’m counting forgiving you as a favor.

And by doing you that favor, the score is now two favors to two favors and we’re even. Let’s bury the hatchet on our exchange of favors as I symbolically hand you a shovel and a hatchet.

And please return my shovel and hatchet at your earliest convenience. You can borrow them for as long as you like because we’re friends and I’m happy to lend you my tools–as a favor.

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