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Paul’s Friendship Survey

May 28, 2012


At the end of every Friday or Saturday night on the town, I like to hand my friends a friendship survey to help me evaluate my performance and highlight areas needing improvement: Friendship Survey 1. How would you rate hanging out with Paul on a scale of 1 to 10? 2. Would you recommend hanging […]

Can I Do You a Favor?

April 9, 2012


Let me know if you ever need a favor, especially if the favor is easy and doesn’t take much time. And don’t be surprised if I someday call in that favor. And don’t be surprised if the favor I ask is difficult and takes a long time. And don’t be surprised if I ask for […]

Friends Come and Go–Mostly Go

September 6, 2011


Living in Shanghai has conditioned me not to get too attached to people.  A large percentage of the foreigners here are sent over on one or two year contracts, so a significant portion of our social outings are spent at farewell parties.  After seven years in Shanghai, I’ve become pretty efficient at meeting new people […]

My Test of Friendship

June 9, 2011


When I’m at a party, I’m not usually the type to try to be the center of attention.  I’m more likely to be in a corner trying to convince someone I’ve just met that I’m about to confess to a crime.  We’re laughing about something and then my face darkens, and I get a faraway […]