8 Activities for a Memorable Leap Day

Posted on February 29, 2012


#1 Go to a local bar and make friends with all the people celebrating a birthday. These new friends will quickly replace your old friends when you realize you only have to get them a birthday gift once every four years. (Note: I met my friend Arran for lunch to celebrate his leap year birthday, and I’d planned to buy him lunch, but he’d already ordered and paid. I’ll get you in four years, Arran.)

#2 Sell any stock you might hold in a leap year greeting card company. I know the stock has been going up, up, up in recent weeks, but I’m not sure that upward trend will continue past today.

#3 If you’re already got a special someone in mind, today might be the perfect day to get married since you’ll have an excuse for forgetting your anniversary 75% of the time.

#4 If you know anybody working for a leap year greeting card company, today might be an opportune time to hit on his girlfriend so she’ll remember you as an option after her boyfriend loses his job tomorrow.

#5 Today might be the perfect time to watch a romantic comedy with your wife, remark how much fun you had, and then insist watching a romantic comedy should become a leap year tradition. The next time she suggests watching a romantic comedy on any other day, you can pretend to be hurt that she would want to dillute the meaning of your special leap year tradition. This might just help you avoid any romcoms for the next four year.

#6 If you enjoy arguing, you might like to share with your co-workers a special memory from last year’s leap year.

#7 Go into the the office break room at lunch and give your colleagues a detailed explanation of the astronomy and history behind leap year. At the end of your fifteen-minute speech, promise you won’t give the speech again for another four years in exchange for a sandwich.

#8 You’d be doing school children a great favor if you discovered a new continent today since the date will be much easier to remember on tests.

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